Dancing Doll believes in:
  • Achieving quality over quantity
  • Accelerating human potential
  • Tapping into boundless creativity

The essence of life is waiting for us. Along the way in our busy daily lives we forget to access our own source of vitality and creativity. We learn to become dependent on sources outside of ourselves to provide that vitality and creativity and eventually we feel burnt out. The same sources we used or depended on no longer do the trick.

How do we unlearn bad conditioning, habits and patterns? How do you do you reveal or see what is needed to prevent what you don’t want from reoccurring again?

Dancing Doll will help you achieve these goals. Where there is a will, I assure you there is a way!

Let's Go

The theory of “Attitude is Everything”

If a person understands how they relate to everything or anything in life – people, places, events, past, present, future, material items – and also can directly connect or disconnect to a given moment in time, then this individual is not only self aware but also is able to master the outcomes in his or her life. Such individuals are the “cause” in any given situation – they are not content to be the “effect” of life’s circumstances. This is a person who has developed skills along the way to achieving self-mastery. They have a commitment to ongoing love of learning in life. They have awakened their potential.  This, then, is where energy meets attitude.

You can become a master at distinguishing for yourself what is appropriate for you, right versus wrong. You will learn what feels right and true for yourself – your true, authentic self. You will achieve a deep understanding about choice. You then are living the life you choose. You understand the power of choice.

Once you start actively living this way, you have access to living a life powerfully. There is not one universal standard to living powerfully, successfully or freely. You get to define your standard for yourself, that is to say set your own standards, for success, meaning, etc.  In living this way, you can eliminate feelings of despair, guilt, shame and anger, just to name a few. You then no longer remain vulnerable to outcomes you do not desire.  

Vulnerable is another word for fear. The opposite of fear is love. At our core we all want the same thing no matter how we live, how successful we are or not, or how big or small our ego is.  At our core what we want is to love and be loved, and to be accepted. This does not need to be important or have meaning as you begin your training.  However, when you achieve this as a result of everything else, be ready to be amused surprised beyond your highest expectations.

 Make no exceptions to achieving excellence.

Let's Go

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.
 The purpose of life is to give it away.”
 —Pablo Picasso