Welcome to Dancing Doll.
The fundamental principle of Dancing Doll’s work is that
an individual or a group of people engaged with one another will see opportunity not only in success,
but also will excel in personal development &
fulfillment. the insights, tools & methods in Dancing
Doll’s coaching or training programs deliver new &
effective ways to manage your day-to-day life. in
doing so you will save energy & accelerate reaching
your goals. Dancing Doll will guide you every step
along the way towards mastering your goals &
deepest desires.

Let's Go

“Nothing in life
is impossible—
the word itself says
I’m Possible” 

~Audrey Hepburn

What is Dancing Doll?
  • Dancing Doll is a personal growth, health and wellness coaching program
  • Emphasizes transformational yoga and communication training
  • Dancing Doll uses yoga as a tool to empower an individual to become a leader in life
  • Offers nutritional counseling services to achieve a healthy body and mind
  • Teaches techniques in achieving self-mastery over your thoughts, body and senses
  • Offers interior design and decorating services at home or at work consistent with your chosen look and feel

Dancing Doll is committed to generating an undeniable confidence and freedom of expression that will flow throughout all the facets of your life.

Who participates?

Dancing Doll’s programs and principles will appeal to anyone who has interest in effectively exceeding their current levels of performance.  

Some individuals may have interest in creating a new self-image or improving the way the look and feel. Others are looking to put meaning back into their life due to loss of a job, a divorce or loss of a loved one, or other adverse life event. Still others are looking for a greater purpose that will have a profound impact on the lives of others. And some people are just looking for Love.

Such people include busy executives, stay at home moms, small and large business owners, career changers, teachers, those in the performing arts, and many others.

Let's Go

Let's Go